Developing the leading platform for the eyewear industry

Fielmann Ven­tures is at the heart of Fielmann’s vis­ion to digit­ise the eye­wear industry to the bene­fit of con­sumers without com­prom­ising qual­ity. Where­as the Fielmann Group employs hun­dreds of spe­cial­ists work­ing in an agile product organ­isa­tion, Fielmann Ven­tures focuses on the dis­rupt­ive tech­no­lo­gies that will revolu­tion­ise the eye­wear industry.


3D Try-On with Fittingbox

Fielmann Ven­tures GmbH announced in Novem­ber 2018 that it has sub­scribed to a cap­it­al increase for a 20% equity own­er­ship stake in Fit­ting­Box S.A., the world lead­er in 3D Try-On solu­tions ded­ic­ated to eye­wear. With 13 pat­ents, Fit­ting­Box is a glob­al lead­er in 3D Try-On and fit­ting tech­no­logy.