Online Eye Test

The eye test, con­sist­ing of an object­ive and sub­ject­ive refrac­tion, is the core com­pet­ency of any health­care pro­fes­sion­al work­ing in optic­al retail / opto­metry. A full online eye test that ful­fils leg­al, reg­u­lat­ory and opto­met­ric require­ments is not in sight. Yet it is con­ceiv­able that the object­ive part of the pro­cess con­duc­ted with a so-called auto refract­or can be digit­ised in the near future. Fielmann Ven­tures works closely with R&D depart­ments of oth­er com­pan­ies and with lead­ing sci­ent­ists to cre­ate an auto­mat­ic and device agnost­ic online eye test. Our first pat­ent was sub­mit­ted in Janu­ary 2019. Fur­ther pat­ents will be filed soon.